Once Upon A Time


Episode Date: September 27, 2015

Episode Title: The Dark Swan

Season 5 “Whole New World”  Promo

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

In just over two weeks, Once Upon A Time will be back on the small screen every Sunday.  This is something I know we are all excited for.  When I saw this promo this morning, it got me thinking about how this show is so good.  But something in particular stood out to me when watching this promo.

The whole show is sort of based on one boy.  Now I know the show focuses more on Emma, and her being the Savior, and now the Dark One.  But none of it would be the case if not for Henry.  It makes sense that he’s the author now, because it is due to him that Emma came back to fulfill her destiny.

Can you imagine being the kid of the Savior,The Dark One and  The Evil Queen.  I have to think about this poor kid.  But then it’s also a very interesting life.  But the whole reason I started thinking about him is because of one scene on this promo.  (It’s towards the end.)  I really think that Henry is going to be back to being a primary role, or I hope so anyway.  Now that he’s the author, I’m hoping that he has more of an important role, and could be vital in keeping Emma good; well bring back her goodness.

regina and henry screen shot.

There is shaking in the scene and then it showed this.  Now I can only guess at what is going on here, but I just imagine that Emma is making herself known. And Regina is protecting her son.  Maybe my imagination is getting the bets of me for one screen shot.  But I’m really excited what this season will bring.

Between Dark Emma; Hook and Emma’ romance; Reginia’s and Robin’s romantic triangle; and the millions of great points that the show brings.  I’m really counting down the days until we get this show back.

Once Upon A Time airs on ABC, Sunday September 27th, at 8|7C.

I’m watching, are you?


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