Supernatural promo poster

Episode Date: October 7, 2015

Season 11 Promo, Titles

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Honestly; I haven’t watched Supernatural in order in years.  I watch it as it replays on TNT and sometimes binge watch on Netflix, but today that doesn’t matter.  Because the new season looks incredible.

Since I don’t know how season 10 ended, but I have to catch up fast, because wow,  what a promo.

There is so much darkness. It looks like these brothers are in a ton of pain–emotional and physical.  It also looks like torture will be very large this season.  So it will be interesting to watch.  Because I want to know what is all Sam’s fault?  What has this show done now?

What do you fans think?  Was your mind blown like my was?

Now in other news,  here are the first several titles for the season:

Supernatural – Episode 11.01 – Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
Supernatural – Episode 11.02 – Form and Void
Supernatural – Episode 11.03 – The Bad Seed
Supernatural – Episode 11.04 – Baby

I am not sure what these titles will be implying.  But it seems like maybe they are building something new.  Since I see some biblical ties into those titles. Like the creation story, but I’m sure that this will be much darker.

I’m watching, are you? 


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