The Walking Dead


Episode Date: October 11

Season Six


*Warning Contains Spoilers*

First thing first.  I do not watch The Walking Dead.  It’s not that any thing against it, I hear it is a incredible show.  I don’t do well with gore.  It’s a personal thing.  It freaks me out too much.  My husband tells me that the show is great.  That it has great stories, characters and plots.  I wish I could watch it.  But while I am not watching this show, I’ll be sharing the information from it.  (Mostly for my husband) But for all fans.  So I may not be able to comment to the content; I’ll still share it.  So, with all that being said, check these promo photos out!

306866.960x540_FULL 306867.960x540_FULL 306868.960x540_FULL 306869.960x540_FULL

306870.960x540_FULL306893.960x540_FULL  306862.960x540_FULL 306863.960x540_FULL306864.960x540_FULL 306865.960x540_FULL





The Walking Dead airs on AMC, October 11th at 9|8 C.  

I’m (kinda) watching, are you? 


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