The Walking Dead


Episode Date: October 11, 2015

Episode Title: First Time Again, 6×1

Press Release/Promo Pictures/ Promo

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Press Release

First Time Again

Season 6, Episode 1

October 11, 2015

In the Season 6 premiere, Rick and the group continue to have trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Multiple threats lead the community to adopt a mindset of hardness, while Rick’s group must take a step back from the violence they’ve come to embrace.

Now again, I’ll state I don’t watch this show.  But this sounds like a heavy metal rock band trying to live in Mayberry to me.  For fans–like my hubby–should be a fun new season.

These pictures are very cool.  I have to say that the make-up work on this show is incredible.  These are some fascinating photos.

Promo Pictures

2748610c-0ba4-4ae4-56d9-8f6d613d04f6_TWD_601_GP_0506_0162_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery the-walking-dead-episode-601-sneak-daryl-reedus-935_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0504_0098_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0504_0167_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0504_0295_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0504_0328_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0505_0052_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0505_0130_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0508_0231_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0511_0159_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_601_GP_0514_0590_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 5ccc8175-62c6-48d1-8e24-24f7c374de2a_IMG_5347_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 6b7fc403-ee31-b776-6104-89ac52eb56ab_TWD_601_GP_0504_0184_FULL 800TWD_601_GP_0506_0470_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 85145a11-2491-c4a9-93da-057df7cac84d_TWD_FL_GP_8715_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery




It seems like things will be intense this season.   What do you think?  Tweet me your thoughts: @telev_watcher.


The Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC at 9|8 C

I’m watching, are you?


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