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Episode Date: October 21, 2015

Episode Title: Can’t Let Go 4×1


*Warning Contains Spoilers*



Things are different this season, but the tone of the show hasn’t changed.  Drama.  Season four starts with a ton of it.  So let’s break it down.



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Juliette is spinning out of control.  Now that she’s dumped all those who have her, best interest at heart, its one big party and nothing but fakes and phonies.  And she’s out of control.  She’s drinking and partying all night and is suffering.  Her call to Rayna proves that.  But she’s pushing everyone away and that will cause her fall.  You can look at her and tell that she’s going to fall hard.  It hurt her the way Layla looked at her.  Juliette knew that Layla was right in the fact that she was glad she’s not Juliette.



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Avery is being a dad, and that is so very important to that little girl.  Right now, that baby only has her dad, and him standing up for his family, even though Juliette has bailed, is respectful.  More men should stand up for their family. (Sorry real life personal opinion snuck in.) I understand why he went to Ohio to be with family.  But him going back to Nashville takes a big set of courage.  I’m glad he’s doing that.  Maybe he and Juliette will be able to get back together, but even if they don’t, he’ll be there.  He’s standing up for his family and that is awesome.

His choice to move in with Will and Gunnar, well that is just fun.  I feel like that could be a Full House-like spin-off, Three Musicians and a baby. I feel like that will be hysterical, if the writers choose to go that way–that is.



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Things with Will are complicated.  Luke has taken him off his tour and because of that he decided that meant his world was falling apart and he was going to stay in bed and grown a horrendous beard.  Not every man can pull it off.  He starts to pull it together and goes out on a date with his boyfriend, Kevin.    But things take an ugly turn when a woman he slept with verbally attacks him.  I have to say I feel bad for him.  I understand that “not belonging’ feeling he said he felt.  I hope things will turn around for him.  He’s not a character that I love, but someone on this show needs to be happy.



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Rayna is the heart of the show, in most ways.  But she’s taking a beating on the show.  Her daughters are mostly good.  Deacon is with his sister.  Juliette has left her label.  Her label isn’t doing well.  She’s getting a ton of bad press.  Things are just brutal for her.  She fly’s all the way to LA just to have Juliette scream at her.  Things are going to have to turn around for her.  But I just don’t know how things could change for her.  We shall see.



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So first, let’s start with the fact he’s alive.  I knew that a show like Nashville wouldn’t kill off one of its main characters; it’s not a Shondraland show that kills its darlings.  So I’m thankful for that. The intro took long enough to show us that he’s fine. I was happy when it he stepped into his sister’s room to see Rayna and the girls.

The thing is that it’s hard watching Deacon feel so badly for his sister.  It makes me hurt to see him in such pain and guilt. He blames himself for her coma.  That is clear to see.  But Scarlett tells him that it’s not his fault and he needs to live his life.  I hope he listens and appreciates his new lease on life.

But on the other hand, seeing him with Maddie is heartwarming.  I’m glad he still gets to be her dad. That he gets to be around to hug her and help her.  I love the Maddie and Deacon story line.



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I almost feel like Scarlett is as bad as Juliette is.  I know that sounds crazy, because she’s not out drinking.  But you can see that Scarlett is struggling.  She’s not really dealing with her Mom.  There is a hand off approach it feels at first.  Yes, she’s there, holding her mom’s hand; especially when her mom is showing signs of recovery.  Her boyfriend and her aren’t connecting right.  She’s acting as if they are. She even says the big L word to him at the end of the episode.  But her heart isn’t in it.  I know it because her singing with Gunnar was incredible.  There is no denying that.  And then she kissed him.  I have to admit I love her kissing Gunnar, but that is not good.  Though I totally expected this.  There is a connection to them.  There always has been. I’m glad she stopped the kiss before it went further.  However, she’s lying to herself if she thinks that it’s okay.   I get that she’s avoiding him now.  But it’s not going to go away.  I’m worried about her.


Maddie and Daphne.

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Watching Maddie and Daphne fighting is not okay.  I know siblings fight, But they have been such a great team of siblings, Daphne is struggling with her dad being in jail, therefore not around for her.  She’s acting out.  This is totally normal, but still hard to watch.  I know that isn’t going to get any better, but there is enough drama on this show, the little girls don’t need it too.  They should be able to be happy.



Seeing Steven Tyler, duet with Juliette was awesome!  This was one of my favorite scenes, because it wasn’t about the drama.  It was two singers, who sing incredibly well.  That was awesome.

Also, the duet that Gunnar and Scarlett record is such a beautiful song.


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Nashville airs Wednesday on ABC at 10|9 C

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