NCIS header 1

Episode Date: October 13, 2015

Episode Title: Lockdown

Promo Photos

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


These photos are sort of run of the mill, standard NCIS photos, until we get to Abby.

107020_D0081b_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 107020_D0981b_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 107020_D1039b_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 107057_D0033b_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 107057_D0219b_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 107057_D0296b_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery


And Abby’s photos makes me very excited.  I can’t wait to see how she helps save herself.


Have you read the press release?


What do you think?  Tweet me your answer: @telev_watcher.


NCIS airs Tuesday on CBS at 8|7 C

I’m watching, are you?

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