The Walking Dead


Episode Date: October 25,  2015

Episode Title: Thank You, 6×3

Additional Promo Photos

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

These photos will give me nightmares.  I don’t do zombies at all.  But for the fans who love the show, here ya go.  Some of the nastiness photos I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy.

Promo Photos

ceff9dec-13f0-7151-f11c-446e4848e6b1_TWD_603_GP_0529_0138_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery fe82b180-6a71-3361-3a83-02d6098616fb_pet shop walker_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0529_0021_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0529_0138_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0529_0218_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0602_0010_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0602_0282gn_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0604_0374gn_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0608_0038_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0608_0096_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery TWD_603_GP_0608_0156_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery


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The Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC at 9|8 C

  sneak peek promo Promo Photo

I’m watching, are you?


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