Grey’s Anatomy


Episode Date: February 11, 2016

Episode Title: The Slience Of Sound, 12×9

Sneak Peek.

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Sneak Peek

I’m not okay.  This sneak peek is the worse one yet.  When Alex walks in, and he sees Meredith laying on the table.  You can see it in his face, he’s terrified, upset, worried, but it doesn’t matter, he’s gonna do his job.  I love the relationship between Alex and Meredith.  It’s always been a good friendship even in the beginning when Alex was the pariah. They have always been able to understand each other.  But now, they are family. I’m just not okay.  He’s seeing his family laying there and the look on his face.  My hats off to Justin Chambers.  He’s amazing.

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Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday on ABC at 8|7 C

 sneak peek promo sneak peek

I’m watching, are you?

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