Once Upon A Time


Episode Date: March 6, 2016

Episode Title: Souls of the Departed, 5×12

Script Tease//Promo//Title

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Script Teases

From the always teasing Adam Horowitz twitter account.





Promo Two


New Title

And just because here is another title for an 5×19’s episode.




The script teases are amazing and awful in the same breath.  Because it’s fun to see them, but out of context they just lead to maddening question. The title is fairly cool.  What sisters?  Most likely Regina and Zelena, but that is just my best guess.  Though it could be a solid guess.  The promo is the best part of this post in my opinion, I love seeing a promo, it’s  a great reminder that OUAT will be back on my screen soon.

What do you think?  Tweet me your answer: @telev_watcher.

UPDATE: First Look at Hades.  I like!


Once Upon A Time airs Sunday on ABC at 8|7 C

I’m watching, are you?


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