The Night Manager


Episode Date: April 26, 2016

Episode Title: Episode Two

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*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Press Release

Ep 2
Ep 2/6

Sunday 28 February

The second episode opens at Roper’s grand villa in Mallorca, where he and his entourage are preparing for a lavish meal on the island. However, following their dinner, the group are confronted by two robbers who kidnap Roper’s young son, Daniel. With a mysterious man lurking in the shadows, all is not what it seems.
We then flashback to six months earlier, where Pine and Burr meet in Zermatt to discuss how they can bring Roper down. As their plan begins to unfold, Pine leaves a trail of staged criminal activities for Roper to find, including stealing from Meisters Hotel and causing a stir in Devon by posing as a drug dealer. Will it be enough to gain Roper’s trust and infiltrate his close-knit group?


Angela Burr sends Jonathan, out to avenge Sophie Alekan, to Devon, to present himself as vicious drug dealer Tom Quince, a successful ruse helped by money from American agent Joel Steadman. Six months later he is working on the island of Mallorca where Roper and Jed are living with his little boy Daniel. Whilst the trio are at a restaurant with Roper’s friends Lance Corkoran and Lord and Lady Langbourne Albanian thugs break in and kidnap Daniel for ransom but are thwarted by Jonathan. Unaware that the whole exercise has been staged a grateful Roper welcomes Jonathan …

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The Night Manager airs Tuesdays  on AMC  at 10|9 C

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