Grey’s Anatomy

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Episode Date: May 5, 2016

Episode Title: Mama Tried, 12×22


*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Going into last night’s episode, I really thought Shonda is going to blow up my life again. I thought that Callie is going to get custody and it’s all going to go down hill for Arizona.  Now I know us fans have very strong opinions about our characters, and I try really hard to just respect that.  But I’m so glad that Arizona was able to win full custody.  Because while some will disagree with that choice, I think it’s very fitting.  Arizona is a good mom, as is Callie.  But Callie is the one who wants to completely uproot Sophia, take her away from everything and everyone, for a relationship that seems to be a fling.  I’m sorry, but that is how it feels to me.  I’m not hateful towards Penny, but I won’t be sad when she leaves.  I just won’t be.  I’m glad that Sophia gets to stay with Arizona.  I just wonder what this means for Callie.


I wonder what this will mean for the season finale.  What will Shonda do to blow up our hearts?



One thing I loved in last nights episode was when they talked about Mark.  Sometimes I think when a person dies from the show they are completely erased.  It’s nice to hear of past characters.


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Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday on ABC at 8|7 C

I’m watching, are you?


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