Girl Meets World


Episode Date: TBD

Episode Title: Girl Meets Goodbye, 3×21

Season Finale Cast

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Girl Meets World – Episode 3.21 – World Meets Girl





The writers revealed on Twitter that many original stars are returning for the season finale – William Daniels, Rider Strong, Anthony Quinn, Betsy Randle, William Russ, Danny McNulty, Lee Norris, Lindsay Ridgeway, and Lily Nicksay.


So, honestly on the title I’m not sure, because I’ve heard that it was Meet Goodbye, but the source says it’s World Meets Girl.  Either way it’s an emotional title, since there has not been a season four confirmed.


Then we have the casting.  Everyone is here.  Everyone.  This is big and exciting.  And if this is the true end.  Very sad.   I hope we get a season four.


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Girl Meets World airs Friday on Disney Channel at 8:30|7:30 C

I’m watching, are you?

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