Fuller House

Fuller House

Episode Date: December 9, 2016

Episode Title: Season Two


*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Casting Info


Fuller House will be revisiting fan-favorite character Nelson, but don’t expect to see a familiar face.


Jason Marsden originally played Nelson, DJ Tanner’s ex-boyfriend, on Full House, but Queer as Folk actor Hal Sparks will step into the role for the Netflix revival, EW has confirmed. Details surrounding Nelson’s storyline in Fuller House are not known at this time.


In videos posted to Twitter in August, Marsden said the writers tried “their darnedest” to get him on the show to reprise his role as Nelson, but he decided to decline. Though he didn’t provide a reason for not returning to the franchise, Marsden did share a message regarding the future actor portraying DJ’s ex-boyfriend. “I hope whoever they get to play Nelson is fantastic. I hope he’s still short,” said Marsden, introducing the hashtag #KeepNelsonShort. “I hope the producers aren’t like, ‘Now we can do this, let’s do it again right.’”



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Fuller House airs on Netflix

I’m watching, are you?


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