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NCIS: 14×1, Rouge. 

When kicking off a new season, and adding brand new cast, the show has to make you care.  But because this is a 14 year veteran at this game, NCIS new exactly what it was doing.  While I missed the flow of how the show usually goes, aka, WHERE WAS ABBI 90% of the show.  I thought that the plot made me care enough about Torres that I am happy that he’s there.  Though I feel like it failed to do the same with Quinn.  I like her, but she’s not why I’m tuning in. What I really loved was how Fornell is like the nosey neighbor now.  He’s cranky in all the right ways and just makes me happy.
What put this episode over the top for me was the JAG throw-back with Bud aka Captain Roberts. Almost hearing something about Harm and Mack, well it made this fangirl swoon.

Welcome back NCIS!



This Is Us; 1×2, This is Us.

Well, I wasn’t sure how this episode would compare to the emotional, heartbreaking twist of the pilot episode.  But alas it did.  So the timeline of this show is funky.  But as long as I can follow along, I’m good with it.

Rebecca and Jack are having problems, I feel like any married person can relate to that.  Apparently, Jack likes to drink.  EEK.  That’s not good at all.  But it’s sweet to see the moment they have together in the end. It was interesting to see the best friend, putting Jack in his place.  Reminding him that he has a good life, and he needs to see that.  But for some reason, that wasn’t the story line that moved me the most.
I was really moved by Kate.

Kate and Toby might be my favorite on-screen couple right now.  Toby seems to know how to help Kate get our of her head.  And I want them to have a good chance at happiness.  I might not be carrying the same issues she is, but I know what it is like to look around a room and know I don’t belong there.  I loved that Toby made her feel safe and secure enough to have fun at Kevin’s party.

And then there is Kevin.  On one hand, I want to hit him, tell him he has a good thing going, to just deal with the bad, until he can move up.  But on the other, standing up for what you believe in, it’s passionate.  There is something to be said for standing up for your passion.  To stand up and demand the respect you feel you have earned.  It’s brave.  It’s hard.  I’m proud he made a choice that will work for him.   Seeing him call Randall, after seeing how bad they were to each other.  Well, that broke my heart in the best way.

Randall is struggling with this biological father, and he just was there for Kevin.  I wanted to hug him in that moment, he’s telling Kevin it’ll be okay.  Helping him when he needs some support too.

I won’t say too much about the ending, but it through me for a HUGE loop.  I don’t want to think about how it got there.  I didn’t like it.  I am rooting for this family in any timeline.  Seeing an obvious change in that structure, well it hurt.
It shows me; this show is the real deal.  I’m glad I’m watching.



Once Upon A Time, 6×1 The Savior

For this show, there is a lot of plots, and sub stories and twist and turns.  It would hard to focus on all of that.  For my purpose, I’m focusing on the two points that I cared most about.

One: Emma.  WHAT IN THE WORLD?????  First, Emma, don’t lie to Hook.  You tow have been through so much that it’s disrespectful and hurtful to your relationship.  I’m not happy about this turn of event.  Secondly, with Emma this whole future destination that can’t be changed.  WHAT??  Each season has been emotionally charged and finding out that Emma is supposed to die, well, this fangirl does not like this.  Reasonably I know we already have the solution, in the statement that Regina gave about how one person has many stories.  There will be a way to have Emma remain with another story.  But I don’t like the angst of thinking that she’s going to perish.  It’s not okay with me.

The other story that I cared most about was Regina’s problems.  (Just top two, I do care deeply for all storylines.  Because I LOVE this show.)
Since Robin Hood has been killed, there is this whole in her life.  She’s gotten rid of her evil, so she’s super insecure.  I get that.  Having issues with Zelena is to be expected, especially since I think Regina blames her a bit.  It hurts to see my favorite queen hurt so much.  But the good thing is her ending in this episode.  She is finding her hope and her belief that Robin wasn’t obliterated.  Leaving me to think, this good Regina will triumph eventually.   I like how the show is building her up and she didn’t run into the Evil Queen right away.  I’m ready for that to come to a head in the next episode.

I’m really glad that this show is back.  I’ve missed my fairy tales.

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