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Episode Title: Season Three

Press Release

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Press Release

UnREAL is switching things up for season three.

Lifetime’s addictive drama will be changing things up when the next season rolls around and will be featuring a female suitor — a suitress, if you will, the network announced in atypical fashion Tuesday on Facebook Live.


“There will be 25 men on set and Rachel will hook up with all of them,” Shiri Appleby teased of the new set-up for UnREAL’s fictitious dating show, Everlasting.


“You won’t only have two strong female leads, but we’re going to add a third one,” Constance Zimmer said, before half-joking to Appleby, “I wonder how many of the 25 men you get together with and Quinn will get together with.”


Leading up to the announcement, Appleby and Zimmer played their own version of “Two Lies and a Truth,” in which fans were tasked to guess what the season three “truth” was.


Afterward, ET jumped on the phone with Appleby, who elaborated further on the change in format for Everlasting.


“We’re so excited and looking forward to it. I think it will be great to add another strong female to the mix, someone to really battle with Quinn and Rachel,” Appleby told ET exclusively on Tuesday. “And then, put them in an environment with all of these men and see how they react.”


The 37-year-old actress expressed excitement over the format tweak, saying that “it will shake up the show and make everything feel really fresh.” “I couldn’t be more excited about it,” Appleby added.



I personally am excited to see how this twist will change the dynamic of the show.  Also I’m looking forward to seeing Quinn and Rachel manhandle these 25 guys.

What do you think?  Tweet me your answer: @telev_watcher.

UnReal airs Monday on Lifetime at 10|9 C

I’m watching, are you?


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