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Casting Updates//Season Seven

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Press Release

The Disney-owned network has renewed the fairy tale drama for a full 22-episode seventh season amid what is said to be a massive cast reboot. Following news that original star Jennifer Morrison will not be returning, fellow leads Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) have also been vocal about their desire to leave the series after its current sixth season.

Meanwhile, co-stars Lana Parrilla (Regina), Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold) and Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook) are confirmed to return after inking new deals with producers ABC Studios. Additional departures are expected to come following Sunday’s season finale.

The ABC Studios drama is poised to feature a big time jump next season, which will include The Walking Dead alum Andrew J. West and Jane the Virgin’s Alison Fernandez, who will make their debut in the May 14 finale. West is rumored to play an older version of Jared Gilmore’s Henry.

Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan is set to depart the show.  She posted her goodbye via her facebook page:

Along with her departure,  Rebecca Mader, will not be returning.

To my Darling Pretties, First of all I would like to start by congratulating Adam, Eddie, Lana, Bobby and Colin on the pick up of Once Upon A Time! I am truly happy for you all and most importantly for the fans that will get to keep tuning in each week to see where they will take us. A lot of you have been asking if I will be joining everyone in Season 7, so I wanted to let you know personally that unfortunately I am not. This wasn’t my choice but a creative decision of the shows that I totally respect and understand. The most important thing is that you all know how much you mean to me. I am told frequently both online and in person that by being a part of such a special show I have in some way changed someone’s life. This is hugely meaningful to me. I am here to let you know that I am the one who has been changed. Not just by playing such a well written multi-dimensional character but by the fandom itself. I have heard your stories, your pain, your struggles, your achievements and I have truly felt you. I have learned. I have grown. I am a better person because of you, the fans and everyone that blessed me with this opportunity to play such an iconic role. Congrats all and thank you! I look forward to the next. I invite you to come with me on this journey. I am forever changed. And I’m wicked. And Wicked Always Wins. Forever yours, Bex 💚

A post shared by Rebecca Mader (@bexmader) on May 11, 2017 at 11:19pm PDT


Also not returning is Mr. and Mrs. Charming themselves. Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin are also not returning for season seven.  Emilie De Ravin will also be exiting the show.

Making the grand total seven cast members who are not returning.  See this TV Line article for more details.


The show will change dramatically in my opinion, but I’m exciting for what the show will be bringing to the table next year.


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 Once Upon A Time airs Sunday on ABC

I’m watching, are you?


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