Weekly Recap

September 24-30th


*Warning Contains Spoilers*



House Divided, 15×1

When the fifteenth season for NCIS started, I had high expectations. I was not disappointed. The team isn’t the same without McGee or Gibbs, but they are making do. They are also fighting hard to get their team members back.

McGee and Gibbs are fighting hard to stay alive, but it looks like their partnership was fading. And for a whole two seconds, I was completely worried that Gibbs and McGee were no longer the team that they have been.

But the hoax worked, McGee and Gibbs were able to trick their captors and work their way to their freedom.

Back home the team, against DOD orders found the link they needed to locate their missing teammates. And they spring into action to send the rescue helicopter.

The most touching and poignant moment in the episode was when McGee walked into his apartment, knelt at his wife and placed his head in her lap. I have to admit, I cried. It was a perfect reunion for this couple.

Now we await next week to see what the fallout is from their time in captivity.


NCIS airs Tuesday on CBS at 8|7 C

A Fathers Advice, 2×1

The second season opener for “This Is Us” was nothing less but impressive. Each character picked up where we left off. But the storyline I was expecting most was Jack and Rebecca.

For them, it’s the morning after the huge fight where Rebecca kicked him out of the house. Jack’s drinking has been an issue for the two and when he showed up drunk and punched the ex-boyfriend, Ben, it was the final straw for Rebecca. We see them meet with the kids, and personally, my heart was breaking as they didn’t have the words. But what really killed me, was Rebecca showing up to Miguel’s and fighting for their marriage.

Jack’s admission to his alcoholism was heartbreaking. It makes me want to go back and see all the scenes and see if there are hints to how bad his problem is. But Rebecca was the pusher in that moment, she pushed for her husband to come home.

The last few minutes is what broke my heart, and the heart of millions, into pieces. We see Rebecca driving, a baggie of personal effects in the passenger seat. She stops in front of the Pearson house, burnt to a crisp. She falls apart and you know, the time we’ve all been dreading has come. Jack is dead. Some pretty big pointers of the time frame have been laid. Kate with the dog, Kevin with the cast, Randall with the girl.

I have to say this episode was excellent, and I expected nothing less. This Is Us might be the best show on TV at the moment.


This Is Us airs Tuesday on NBC at 9|8 C

Break Down the House, 14×1; Get off on the Pain, 14×2

The fourteenth season was a two-hour premiere. While there have been times Grey’s has disappointed me. I have to say these two episodes made my fan-girl heart smile.

Overall, the episode was good, but the ending I have to say was the twist I didn’t see coming. Amelia has a brain tumor. I mean that is a great way to explain her behavior, especially towards Owen. And the way she found out, well that was interesting.

Que DeLuca’s sister. I have to say meeting her was fun, and the Arizona twist was very funny. I knew that DeLuca’s sister would be controversial, but I have no idea that Arizona was also getting a new love interest. I wonder if this one will stick around at all.

Now the main event of these two hours circled around Owen’s returning from the dead sister, Megan. Thought to be dead for the last decade, she returned from her hostage situation. Leaving Riggs stepping away from Meredith, and opening the door for Teddy Altman’s reappearance to the show. And giving a chance for a really cool surgery for Meredith to perform.

I’m not really happy with the way Megan let Riggs go, though that does leave the door open for Riggs to be with Meredith. But for right now I don’t want them to be together, now don’t shoot me. But I really don’t want him to walk away from Megan, they were together first. He needs to be loyal to her, which he was. And I really respect him for that. I’m also not pleased with how Owen shanghaied Amelia about how she’s been acting. Yes, they need to have a talk, they need to work out their marriage or end it. But to approach her the way he did was rude.

I’m not even going to comment on the Teddy/Owen kiss. Other than to say Teddy’s response was perfect. But I will say I just want Owen to be happy. He was happy for a moment with Christina. And with Amelia. I am now a 100% believer that Amelia is being the way she is, because of the tumor.

As a wonderful side note, I love how Bailey took back her shoes. That she decided to remove the high-heels. That she’s not going to wear heels because her male counterparts didn’t have to. That was pretty awesome.

Next week should be quite an amazing hour.


Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday on ABC at 8|7 C




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