This Is Us

Episode Date: January 23, 2018

Episode Title: THAT’LL BE THE DAY, 2×13

Promo //Press Release

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Press Release


So, I’m 98.7% sure that this will be when we find out how Jack dies. And I’m freaking out about it. Rebecca is in the Steelers jersey. But I feel like the outsiders in the family, Jack is this no-fly zone. He is not perfect, but he’s this good guy and that makes him so lovable. To watch him die will be devastating. But to see Rebecca have to deal with that, will destroy me. The one glimpse we have already seen of her in the car breaking down hurt me so much. I’m not ready.



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This Is Us airs Tuesday on NBC at 9|8 C

I’m watching, are you?

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