This Is Us

Episode Date: November 27, 2018


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*Warning Contains Spoilers*


“THE BEGINNING IS THE END IS THE BEGINNING”11/27/2018 (09:00PM – 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : Kevin arrives at the Ville his father served in. Kate pursues a new opportunity. Randall debates Councilman Solomon Brown. In the past, Jack struggles to get through to his brother.



I had been behind on the season, so Saturday I took the opportunity to catch up.   I have a theory.  One.  The little boy Jack helps, will end up being the one who helps Kevin learn more about his dad.  Two.  Jack doesn’t talk about his brother, because he wasn’t able to save his brother. But what will make this a heartbreaking story, is that is brother won’t be a casualty of war but rather a casualty of his own demons. (Granted those demons will come from the war,) It won’t be the VC who takes him out.   This is just two of my ideas of what we will learn Tuesday.  That will connect Jacks story to Kevin.  Though I wonder what new questions will arise.


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This Is Us airs Tuesday on NBC at 9|8 C

I’m watching, are you?


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