Agents of SHIELD

Episode Date: May 10, 2019

Episode Title: Season Six Preview


*Warning Contains Spoilers*



Whew!  That is such a great trailer!  Season Six will be phenomenal.  You can tell just how much work that the team but into this season.  Here are some of my initial thoughts!

  • Big Giant Ship moving through space–well then, it’s a here we go moment.
  • Remembering the lost of Coulson with moments with the team. Makes me get all emotional.  Coulson should never had to die.  I hope and pray they bring him back someway, somehow.
  • Super cool head nod between Mack and May.  Is this May coming back?  Is this her acknowledging his role?
  • Amazing slow down version of “In The End” makes the whole thing feel eerie.
  • Clark Gregg as Sarge–who looks like Phil Coulson very interesting–The death of everything.  That doesn’t bode well.
  • Elimination of the whole planet, burn it all down.  Seriously!  I’m tired of everyone wanting to destroy it all.  Can’t we have a villain who wants to just take over the tri-state area?  Also!  Destruction of the planet, is this what destroyed it all when the team went to the future?  Possible?
  • Seeing Sarge is very cool.  Coulson was always in a suit, button up per se, and Sarge is very much the opposite of that.
  • Seeing Quake do her thing and fight is badass and amazing!
  • “Is not the man you loved!”  Well that just cracked my heart more.
  • “Let them Come”–Elena is so cool.  I’m ready to see her take name and kick butt.
  • “Who’s going to protect me?”  Bahahahhaha that is hilarious!
  • Seeing Simmons cry, is breaking my heart.
  • I know someone did a screenshot showing Fitz in one of the scenes (saw it on twitter, retweeted it too) but I’ve yet to see it when just watching the trailer.   Must pay more attention.
  • If it comes down to a one on one fight between Sarge and the team.  It’s going to be extremely hard to watch.

“Missing Pieces” 6×1 Episodes Links:


 Agents of Shield airs Friday on ABC at 9|8C

I’m watching, are you?



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